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Trade diary & soliloquyHEADLINE

Trade diary & soliloquy

    • The euro area unemployment rate of October recorded 11.7% and the worst-ever standard on November 30, 2012. Were numerical value according to market expectation. In addition, as for the euro market price that the euro area consumer prices approximate breaking news of November was less than 2.2% compared with the previous year and prior expectation 2.4%, buying has a short rest. The Eurodollar falls below 1.30 again. The Euro yen is a 107.40 level. Movement of euro selling was seen before announcement, but the overprice of the euro is heavy after announcement. Pound becomes one rise, too. げを is the contents which I seem to push down in the euro.
    • Are the settlement in November 30, 2012 Eurodollar 1.2992. Were +25 pips. Began selling with 12992 this time. The loss cut indication is 1.3101.
    • Seem to state that the ドラギ ECB president should fit bank supervision, all banks on November 30, 2012. The euro area learns joint ownership of the sovereignty, and should push forward the introduction of the bank alliance. Should fit all banks to avoid bank supervision, the division of the sector. The bank receives adverse effects from the financial status of the official source. Short-term fiscal consolidation is unavoidable. Reform for the rigorous correction of the labor market is important to France and Italy. The euro becomes strong in advance.
    • After all a bottom is supported, and the Eurodollar is firm on November 29, 2012. A person is already the feeling that I put it up and seem to do.
    • Spain seemed to meet a condition to receive the support from EFSF and ESM to the bank on November 26, 2012. Are fair winds to the euro? Seem to still put it up. Are buying in Eurodollar 1.2967. The loss cut indication is 1.2869.
    • Because overprice was held down on November 20, 2012, settled an account in similar price neighborhood 1.2806. Are +1 pips♪
    • A tuck of the Eurodollar came to resist November 20, 2012. Want to follow it♪
    • Are 1 position buying in November 20, 2012 Eurodollar 1.2805. There is the loss cut indication in 1.2630.
    • The eyeball tonight is the number of resale housing sale of 24:00 in America on November 19, 2012. Is stopped in Eurodollar 1.2774 now. Are supposed here, and some fall pressure seem to be superior now.
    • Leave the downturn according to expectations Eurodollar today on November 16, 2012, and fall, but are the time when it stops soon and can turn over.
    • The Eurodollar was loss cut in 1.2800 on November 15, 2012. Are -86 pips ↓.
    • Eurodollar is shin ... with the atmosphere that stalls, and seems to decline once before 1.2791 on November 15, 2012. Sold, and 2 positions case looked in 1.2757. The loss cut indication is .1.2800.
    • Settled a euro dollar buying 2 position in 1.2735 on November 15, 2012. Are +40 pips♪
    • By the way, an inflation report, a producer price index of America, a producer price index of America, American retail sales and economic indicators line up after this today in British BOE quarter on November 14, 2012. Are attention. Because I considerably withdrew to here, the Eurodollar thinks that a repulsion upward trend is strong by repurchase of the euro today.
    • The reform of Greece progresses clearly on November 12, 2012, but there are many problems that should be still settled. The spokesperson for German Ministry of Finance states that it is unrealistic that there is final decision about Greece today. If anything, let's be pluses for euro selling pressure?
    • The euro is sold for the dollar to Australia on November 12, 2012. The euro Aussie is a fall, weak euro, an Australian dollar high level since August 31, this year to a 1.2175 level. The issue of Greece support becomes the current difficult problem for Europe, and a growth prospect is revised downward, and the business perception and economy in Europe are sluggish. On the other hand, a viewpoint that the deep growth of economic relations of China stabilizes it opens for Australia, and the reduction in interest rates observation happens to ECB, but the Australian central bank takes measures to leave policy rate unredeemed unexpectedly for the monetary policy prospect of both areas; a feeling of strength and weakness is vividness. Macro funds seem to become the environment that is easy to be carried on a scenario.
    • Are lacking in main economic indicators announcement today on November 12, 2012, and, as for the business, thin trading is expected by the closure (there is business in the stock market) in NY market for veterans day. As for the attention, there is a euro area Minister of Finance meeting carried out over the NY time while it looks like it. The focus is decision about the Greece additional support. A curtailed budget related bill approves the Greece assembly late last week, and a budget bill is adopted in 2013 on 11th, and there seems to be the viewpoint that the requirement to Greece additional support is cleared somehow, and the judgment of the only troika is not in time for today's Minister of Finance meeting. A remark that it is unlikely to be the support agreement at today's meeting is repeated as of last week by plural European officials. At first Greece bonds of 16th are likely that a short-term countermeasure to repaying it is discussed. The Eurodollar is sold, and are the mood for the moment.
    • Settled 2 positions in 1.2798 on November 8, 2012. Are +80 pips.
    • 2 positions entered in 1.2738 euros dollar selling on November 8, 2012. The loss cut indication is a 1.2793 area.
    • The November 8, 2012 Eurodollar flow is a fall. Repulsion selling looks good. Are steady, and return dollar Japanese yen and pound Japanese yen that changed to the closing price in Tokyo market yesterday, and enter the London market, and Germany bonds are bought for escaping (the yield decreases), and it seems to be in the risk aversion mood a little.
    • Rice) Univ. of Michigan consumers confidence index of 23:55 will be attention today on November 8, 2012. An upswing in repulsion seems to contain the Eurodollar.
    • Superiority of President Obama becomes heavy, and dollar selling advanced on Tokyo about the daytime on November 5, 2012, but the exchange rate for the dollar, exchange rate of the yen seem to be settled down together after reelection was declared. Dollar Japanese yen puts 80 yen, and, as for the standard, the Eurodollar, as for the 1.2860-70 level, the Euro yen, a price movement has a short rest at a standard of the 103 yen fastening. But are the atmospheres that dollar selling seems to still advance to today.
    • A loss cut matches in 1.2870 on Friday, November 5, 2012; and better seed ... A regret. -376 pips. It be said that dropped lot, and have a pain; shin ...
    • Are 2 position buying in November 2, 2012 1.2907. The stop indication is 1.2870. Become the averaging premeditated this time.
    • Are will for 2 position buying in November 2, 2012 1.2907. The stop indication is all adjustment in 1.2870.
    • There seems to be a support line in one of 1.2883 from 1.2919 on November 2, 2012. Rebel, and may rise by support of this neighborhood soon.
    • Buy it, and 2 positions are entries in November 1, 2012 Eurodollar 1.2979. The loss cut indication is 1.2910.




2013年01月  +317万円
2013年02月  +457万円
2013年03月 +1,302万円
2013年04月 +1,385万円
2013年05月  +895万円
2013年06月 +1,168万円
2013年07月 +1,040万円
2013年08月 +1,156万円
2013年09月  +955万円
2013年10月  +670万円
2013年11月  +671万円
2013年12月  +474万円


2014年01月 +1,217万円
2014年02月  +517万円
2014年03月  +600万円
2014年04月  +554万円
2014年05月  +697万円
2014年06月   +343万円
2014年07月  +762万円
2014年08月  +168万円
2014年09月  +316万円
2014年10月  +699万円
2014年11月  +639万円
2014年12月  +332万円

2014年合計 +6,760万円

2015年01月  +597万円
2015年02月  +788万円
2015年03月  +524万円
2015年04月   +679万円
2015年05月   +558万円
2015年06月  +1,303万円
2015年07月  +1,088万円
2015年08月  +1,205万円
2015年09月  +1,104万円
2015年10月  +2,694万円
2015年11月   +522万円
2015年12月  +1,422万円

2015年合計 +12,574万円

2016年01月  +1,352万円
2016年02月  +1,845万円
2016年03月  +1,414万円
2016年04月  +1,877万円
2016年05月  +1,476万円
2016年06月  +1,571万円
2016年07月  +1,573万円
2016年08月   +925万円
2016年09月  +1,802万円
2016年10月   +832万円
2016年11月   +475万円
2016年12月  +1,616万円

2016年合計 +17,026万円

2017年01月    +766万円
2017年02月    +628万円
2017年03月  +1,050万円
2017年04月   +574万円
2017年05月  +1,207万円
2017年06月  +1,563万円
2017年07月   +753万円
2017年08月   +463万円
2017年09月    +44万円
2017年10月   +584万円
2017年11月   +545万円
2017年12月   +360万円

2017年合計 +8,484万円

2018年01月   +1,220万円
2018年02月    +497万円
2018年03月    +764万円
2018年04月   +1,139万円
2018年05月    +639万円
2018年06月   +1,361万円
2018年07月    +598万円
2018年08月   +1,327万円
2018年09月     +736万円
2018年10月     +761万円
2018年11月     +987万円
2018年12月     +372万円

2018年合計 +11,294万円

2019年01月    +569万円
2019年02月    +672万円
2019年03月    +649万円
2019年04月    +422万円
2019年05月    +874万円
2019年06月   +1,937万円
2019年07月   +1,275万円
2019年08月    −391万円
2019年09月    +711万円
2019年10月    +981万円
2019年11月    +886万円
2019年12月   +1,375万円

2019年合計  +9,639万円

2020年1月     +695万円
2020年2月      +33万円
2020年3月    +3,816万円
2020年4月    +1,247万円
2020年5月     +478万円
2020年6月    +2,007万円
2020年7月     +328万円
2020年8月    +1,636万円
2020年9月    +1,437万円
2020年10月     +733万円
2020年11月    -1,212万円
2020年12月    +912万円

2020年合計 +12,065万円

2021年1月     +891万円
2021年2月     +190万円
2021年3月    +1,687万円
2021年4月     +673万円
2021年5月     +767万円
2021年6月      +50万円
2021年7月     -806万円
2021年8月    +1,728万円
2021年9月     +622万円
2021年10月    -1,954万円
2021年11月    +598万円
2021年12月   +1,505万円

2021年合計   +5,917万円

2022年1月      -591万円
2022年2月      +2,103万円
2022年3月      +1,879万円
2022年4月      +4,073万円
2022年5月      +1,169万円
2022年6月      +4,678万円
2022年7月       +122万円
2022年8月      +2,366万円

2022年合計  +15,793万円








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